Thumbs Self Loathing Genesis collection of 1235 NFT's built from the series entitled "Self Loathing"



This art project is the first collection to be launched by Thumbs and is inspired by the challenges of life. We've have no doubt all experienced challenges of some kind in our time, whether that be investing time into your work to put food on the table, while also wanting to spend time with your children and making sure your loved ones still feel valued. All while needing to find time to keep fit, eat the right foods and many other hurdles - and frankly it can be exhausting and there never feels like there are enough hours in the day to get it done.

Utility details

    All 1235 NFTs

  • Free access to B/ART 10k release.
  • 10 x Ultra Rare NFTs within this collection come with a 1/1 custom commission by Thumbs.
  • 100 people chosen at random that minted 2 NFTs from the Self Loathing collection will be added to the HipHop comic NFT allowlist.
  • 50 random collectors will receive an exclusive Wave 1 signed and numbered physical print (shipping to be paid by holder. This print will also be available to purchase in a limited colour for NFT holders in the Thumbs Club shop).
  • Access to NFT holder exclusive merch through the NFT Holders Discord channel & Thumbs Club shop.
  • Automatic entry to NFT raffle (multiple Thumbs NFTs count as multiple entries).
  • Early access to merch drops and Discounts on Thumbs site.
  • Early Access to the Thumbs Self Loathing Weird Science vinyl toy.
  • If you mint 4 x NFTs or more you will have access to a free signed print of one of your Self Loathing NFTs. You must be holding the NFTs at the time the print is ready for shipping. Shipping to be paid by receiver on all physical items.
mint details


1,235 NFTs
1,235 NFTs in this collection. 1,225 within the regular collection. 10 that have a unique utility

25 different characters. Each character appears 49 times. 1,225 colour/character combos. 3.96% of getting each character.

25 different gradient backgrounds behind 20 different swirls.

20 block colourways. Each block colourway appears 25 times, once on each character. Block colourways appear on 40.48% of the series.

31 graphic colourways

8 different colour variations of the Thumbs Throw Up Tags. Each colour tag appears 20 times. Tags have a 12.95% rarity

10 1/1 PIECES
10 x Unique characters which come with a 1/1 physical commission up to the value of £2000 and also a matching NFT of the art piece.

25 characters come in the unfinished PNG graphic. If you mint one of these you will be able to trade it in for the same character but in any colour/graphic of your choosing.

All 25 characters are featured in the “Comic Strip” colourway. Each characters strip is unique to them.




Nick Thompson AKA Thumbs



James Stringer AKA Mr Mischief






Robert Mckenzie

Social Manager


Kenny Leasure

Community Manager


“Parody and fair use is a grey area in itself. Taking a well known character, mass producing merch and using it’s IP for monetary gain is a blatant infringement of copyright. However, using a well known character in a form of parody or in a satirical way can be argued that it’s protected by the Parody Law which falls under the First Amendment in the US as a form of freedom of speech. When I create a piece of art using part of a well known character, I do my best to alter and dilute that character as much as possible. For example, with my Self Loathing series, let’s take the Bat piece - what percentage of the artwork is Batman? What percentage is Morbius? By redesigning, redrawing and reconstructing these characters, I’m creating a whole new character and therefore it becomes a piece of art which stands alone. In keeping with parody art by laws, my art is not mass produced, but made on a limited scale so as not to encroach on any studio’s markets and I always put my own artistic interpretation and style into each piece so as to not mislead the market into thinking what I create is official.

I have worked with some of the largest studios in the industry including: Disney, Universal, Warner Bros and Sanrio so they are aware of me and my art. I always keep my work respectful of the original character as what I create always comes from a place of love, as I do really love the cartoons I take inspiration from, and hopefully when seeing my art, it might spark the interest of the audience to actively go and search for those older shows or cartoons and grow some interest in them.”

@Thumbs is a big believer in giving back to the community and wants to show his appreciated for the growing support since entering the NFT space by running the following:

Rare NFT Raffle - This will be an exclusive raffle held for holders of a Thumbs NFT (from any of his collections) which gives them a chance too win 3 x 1/1 rare Thumbs NFT. The lucky winners will also receive a 1/1 matching exclusive signed print. Please note that each Thumbs NFT you hold will count as an entry.
Multiple NFT holders Airdrop - All holders of x3 or more Thumbs NFTs (from any Thumbs collection) will receive a Rare NFT airdrop.
Rare NFT Raffle #2 - This will be an exclusive raffle held for holders of a Thumbs NFT (from any of his collections) which gives them a chance too win 3 x 1/1 rare Thumbs NFT. The lucky winners will also receive a 1/1 matching exclusive signed print. Please note that each Thumbs NFT you hold will count as an entry.

Yes, @Thumbs is in a number of discussions for potential partnerships with both artists/teams outside the NFT space as well as some of the biggest projects in the NFT space right now. Watch this space! One collaboration that has officially been announced is with Enox’s Rare Bears - one of the most hyped projects that launched in March.

@Thumbs has a large physical following and since entering the NFT space he’s made it one his top priorities to join the two communities together. By collecting a Thumbs NFT, you will become a member of the Thumbs Club and your membership card is represented by the Thumbs NFTs you hold.

The more you hold, the more access you have to some pretty cool utilities/add ons like:
  • Early access to merch drops
  • Early Whitelisting for future drops
  • Super rare NFTs airdropped for holders with 3+ Thumbs NFTs
  • Raffles for NFT holders (each NFT you hold counts as an entry)
  • Access and tickets to physical events and shows
  • Invites to physical meetups
  • Discounts on Thumbs and other brands websites
  • Access to NFT collab

We’re currently working at a full capacity, but please do file a ticket if you’re interested in joining and we will log it. If a spot becomes available we will be in touch to find out more about you. A word of advise is to make sure you’re engaging with the community as we would only consider those that really support this project.

So, let’s begin with breaking down the collections you can expect to see from @Thumbs this year, which can also be found on his Roadmap in 》⚡・official-links

The commercial IP rights stays with Thumbs Ltd however once you mint and NFT, you are free to use that image for personal use. Once the Thumbs Print Shop opens you will have access to printing your NFT on to a wide range of items and products.